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December 5, 2012 / By

December 5, 2012 / By

I discovered Audible in September 2011, just in time for a trip to Thailand for a close friends wedding. 

I always enjoyed reading books but found that it happened in phases for me. There would be periods of 6 months when I wouldn’t read a single book. Then there were others where I would be read a book a week (the phase I am in now). This was generally dependant on the amounts of travel/free time I had at the time as well as my motivations and objectives.

Audible changed all this for me. Some people I have spoken to just don’t feel right listening to books. Their mind doesn’t compute the information or they find it hard to concentrate.

For me it was the opposite. I feel in love with reading (listening?) all over again. Here are my Audible stats for 2012:


I’m not bragging since this is not a large hour count by any stretch of the imagination, but supplementing the regular podcasts I listen to (approx 3 hours per week) this is a solid amount of new information and learning to take on board.

Of the 24 books I consumed via Audible this year here are my picks:


All Marketers are Liars 

Made to Stick


Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

The Lean Startup

The E-Myth

Mastery (currently reading)

For anyone who hasn’t tried Audible I highly recommend it. First month is only $7.49, and who knows you might get addicted!


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