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Blogging – 3rd time lucky?

November 2, 2012 / By

November 2, 2012 / By

Image by TSE

(Image by Tristan Stefan Edouard)

I have started blogging 2 times in the past. Each time life (read girls), work and complacency (read laziness) got the better of me. The reason I am starting again is because I feel like this time I have the right motivation and in the coming months/years there will be a real story to tell.

I draw huge inspiration from a number of entrepreneurs who also happen to be master bloggers – Seth Godin, Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Mitch Joel, Glen Allsop and others.

Rand’s vision and ideology at SEO Moz (TAGFEE) is the kind of foundation we want to build @ Jaden Social. Since we were kids growing up together in the suburbs of Sydney, Nic, Joel, Igor and I have always been dreamers full of ideas, biting off more than we can chew.

Now after years of honing our individual crafts and working in some amazing businesses alongside some amazing people, an opportunity has presented itself and a number of interconnected doors have opened to make it possible for us to launch a Digital Agency which also happens to be a start up – Jaden Social.

Jaden Social is a boutique Digital Agency with a strong creative focus. I am excited about the future because we have the opportunity to take our love for Music and Art, combine it with our knowledge of the Internet and throw in some ‘crazy-idea-style’ creativity while working with artists and brands all around the world. 

More on the start up component in the not too distant future. For now I am glad to have been able to get all my thoughts down into a somewhat coherent opening blog. 

If you are at all interested in this journey we are about to take as well as the personal ramblings of a somewhat young Internet nerd, come marketer, come entrepreneur stay tuned.

These will be coming through at the rate of one every week or so. If you want to get the next blog delivered straight to you inbox then subscribe here – >

I have no interest in spamming you, I will leave that to the professionals.



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