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The Websters dictionary defines Dyna… just kidding, this is not one of those types of blogs.

When we set the vision for Jaden Social a key part of the objective was to stay dynamic. To me this means:

1/ Being able to make decisions quickly

2/ Having the freedom to open any door we are excited by or feel can benefit the business

3/ Being able to pivot the business quickly and successfully

This has proven to be one of our key assets for growth in our first year.

Working in the Digital Marketing world, with a focus on the entertainment industry, we almost didn’t have a choice. Our business was built through word of mouth, and the ability to walk through doors which opened out of the blue quickly enabled us to build some key relationships and partnerships for the future.

We look at our clients as partners and being a service provider means that our offering must directly compliment the needs and challenges our partners have. In this market our success is directly related to the success of our partners. This means going above and beyond to kick ass on different levels, many of which we don’t get paid for.

The services we deliver today have evolved enormously over the past 6 months, and I expect this trend to continue as long as Jaden Social is in business. Hell that’s the beauty of Digital marketing.

From this experience I have found a number key attributes to being a successfully dynamic agency. This may be old news to some but a few of these don’t often fit in the same sentence as ‘dynamic’:

1/ Set clear long term goals – this may seem counter intuitive to being dynamic but is critical in assessing opportunities and confidently pivoting any business.

2/ Planning is key – Without clear plans, both short term and long term, change is incredibly difficult. A  solid plan builds the foundation that allows the business to be dynamic.

3/ Encourage an open culture – There is no point in being a dynamic entrepreneur if your team doesn’t thrive on this and are not up for the ride.

4/ Always explore opportunities no matter how far out of your scope they are – you quickly learn how many life changing opportunities are hidden behind doors you never thought to open.

These are key reminders for me as an entrepreneur and will serve any young business or agency well. I could talk for hours on this topic so for anyone interested in taking up that offer, you know where to find me online.


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