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Why I am failing at blogging

April 25, 2013 / By

~ Image by Tristan Stefan Edouard ~

~ Image by Tristan Stefan Edouard ~


When I started blogging for the third time back in November, I had every intention at kicking ass at it. My aim was to publish 2-3 blog posts per month, giving insights and telling the story of an entrepreneur running a Digital Agency.

I started well enough, with 2 posts in November, 2 posts in December & 2 posts in January. But by February the rapid growth of Jaden Social, and the challenge of balancing work/life took its toll on the blogging. It wasn’t meant to happen this way! But when the responsibility of clients, employees, contracts and work started to combine with an ever-growing list of overdue tasks, ideas and fixes, I had to give up things which didn’t necessarily accomplish an immediate goal or solve immediate issues.

I tried to blame it on the platform but that was just making excuses. Now, this blog feels like self therapy, and it probably is, but it’s important to publicly acknowledge failures and/or mistakes. This is one of the things that makes us human. You could say that I am being over-dramatic and my blogging career is far from a failure (others could argue it was never a career) but the point I am getting to is that I am not giving up. There are plenty of thoughts, ideas and stories swimming around in my brain which I would love to get out, it’s just a matter of working harder to find the time.

In closing, if you don’t get a new blog from me every two weeks this May, please feel free to drop me an email containing stern words. Or words of encouragement. It’s your call.


  1. KimberleyL

    April 26, 2013 / Reply

    Oh the perils of life as a blog that belongs to an entrepreneur and start up running a rapidly growing business ... let's keep each other on track. Perhaps a 1 hour block into the iCal for a writing session that we can not break. Yes, I know it's idealistic but we can try :)

    • Daniel

      April 26, 2013 / Reply

      We have a deal, and it's a public one!

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